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103-60-6 Phenoxyethyl Isobutyrate Floral, Fruity, Honey Rose 2-phenoxyethyl isobutyrate
23495-12-7 Phenoxyethyl Propionate Balsamic, Fruity, Hay, Myrrh 2-phenoxyethyl propionate
103-45-7 Phenyl Ethyl Acetate Anise/ Anisic/ Anis, Floral, Fruity, Honey, Sweet Rose 2-phenylethyl acetate
60-12-8 Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol Floral, Green, Honey, Hyacinth Lily-of-the-Valley/ Muguet, Rose beta phenyl ethyl alcohol
94-47-3 Phenyl Ethyl Benzoate Balsamic, Floral Rose 2-phenylethyl benzoate
- Phenyl Ethyl Ethyl Ether Floral ethyl phenyl ethyl ether
104-62-1 Phenyl Ethyl Formate Cinnamic/ Cinnamon , Floral, Green, Herbal/ Herbaceous, Hyacinth, Watercress Rose benzyl carbinyl formate
103-48-0 Phenyl Ethyl Isobutyrate Floral, Fruity, Sweet, Warm Rose 2-phenylethyl isobutyrate
3558-60-9 Phenyl Ethyl Methyl Ether Diffusive, Floral, Warm methyl phenethyl ether
102-20-5 Phenyl Ethyl Phenyl Acetate Balsamic, Floral, Honey Rose 2-phenylethyl phenylacetate
- Phenyl Ethyl Propionate Floral, Fruity, Herbal/ Herbaceous, Warm Rose benzyl carbinyl propionate
87-22-9 Phenyl Ethyl Salicylate Balsamic, Floral, Sweet Rose 2-phenylethyl 2-hydroxybenzoate
23787-90-8 Piconia Dry, Earthy, Patchouli, Woody 1,3,4,6,7,8a-hexahydro-1,1,5,5-tetramethyl-2h-2,4a-methanonaphthalen-8(5h)-one (isomers)
52474-86-2 Precyclemone B Aldehydic/ Aldehyde, Floral, Fresh 1-methyl-4-(4-methyl-3-pentenyl)cyclohex-3-ene-1-carboxaldehyde (isomers)
1191-16-8 Prenyl Acetate Fresh, Fruity, Green Pear 3-methyl-2-butenyl acetate
76649-23-5 Prenyl Isobutyrate Fruity Berry maltol propionate
5205-11-8 Proflora Balsamic, Chocolate, Floral, Fruity, Metallic/ Metal, Ozone/Ozonic, Tea, Tuberose Ylang, Raspberry 3-methyl-2-butenyl benzoate
1118-39-4 Pseudo Linalyl Acetate Citrus, Floral, Nutmeg Bergamot, Lavender 7-octen-2-ol, 2-methyl-6-methylene:acetate
67633-94-7 Reseda Body Floral, Green, Hyacinth, String Bean , Sweet Pea 2-benzyl-4,4,6-trimethyl-1,3-dioxane
141-11-7 Rhodinyl Acetate Floral, Green, Leafy/ Leaf, Sweet Lily-of-the-Valley/ Muguet, Rose 3,7- dimethyl-6 or 7-octen-1-yl acetate
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